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2009-07-06 02:57:10 by ArAx

ok so i got a cheep $50 animation program called Anime studios debut 5. the thing was crap. it came with no tutorials, had no onionskin, and cost $150 to upgrade to a pro version that had all that. so i spend the better part of a mont and a half figuring out enough to make a five second video without a preloader. so i finaly finnish the movie and export it to a flash file.AND THE FUCKING SOUND DOSN'T WORK! so i spend about three to five hours on and off the adobe site trying to find a solution to my problem. Ive tryed converting the sound to a diffrent .wav file but that one wont play either. so if you know anything that might help, let me know, i'd really aprecieate it


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2009-07-06 03:20:23



2009-07-06 06:20:10

That's what you get for only 50 bucks. Google up the name of a nicely reviewed one and torrent it to save some money.


2009-07-06 13:26:46

get flash simple